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About Blood And Glory

We are an Alliance guild on the Eitrigg server.


Recruitment is for both veteran and newer raiders who seek a
guild where they can be of importance and significance.  We are a “co-op” of sorts where you get what
you put in.   In this, expansion content, professions and
individual strengths work in synch to propel the guild to a high level of
productivity.  The caveat being high
server ranking.


There are guilds who seek these things through force and a “dispensable”
mindset.  We are the polar opposite of
this approach.  No man is left behind
here.  Everyone is in "the know."  

 As a level 25 guild, the perks
are there for the benefit of all and we expect to progress in this rapidly.


We seek a 25 man raiding party and will continue to build
this as everyone moves through content.  The
raid times will be Mon. Wed. Thurs. 6:45-10:10, server time.


Guild policies exist for the sake of cohesion and fairness.  Please see that section for more
details.  This site is a hub for guild
communication and input from all. 
Ventrillo is provided.


Inquiries are encouraged. 



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