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re: Recruitment Information

Are you considering applying for a position in this guild? If so, please make sure you are aware of our policies as well as the type of environment/atmosphere that makes this guild what it is.

History (here's a bit about our history, how we came to be, and what our vision is)

Raid Conduct (this page covers our raid conduct - so make sure you can live with this before applying)

Loot System Details (we use a flat rate epgp system that's very transparent and you'll find the details here)

What You Can Expect From Us
A great sense of community, together feeling the thrill of downing a new boss, the upset of wiping, and the fun and laughter shared along side your fellow guild mates. We want you to feel apart of the great bond of friendship, even feel like we're a crazy, dysfunctional family. Now we know that everyone can't possibly get along with each other, but we will do our best for us to be happy with each other.

We are blunt and to the point. We try our best not to directly call out mistakes- but we will point out a mistake that others can learn from in a raid address without naming who actually did it. If you are having problems with performance, expect us to talk about it privately. Our guild is only as strong as our weakest link.

What We Expect From You
We are looking for players that are passionate about the game. That means don't join us looking for that last reason not to quit. We love players that like to theory craft and read up on their class and current content. People that are not easily discouraged. Raid members should approach the last attempt of the night with the same focus as they do to the first. Maybe even more focus as our "Last Attempt" is sometimes the last pot shot we needed. Lastly, LEARN from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others.

Finally, when you're new to the guild, take it easy your first week. Don't rock the boat with a typhoon. Get to know people, then add your own chemistry to our melting pot. Most importantly, don't come into our guild giving us strats about how your old guild used to do things. It's annoying. We don't want to hear it. You left your old guild, embrace your new one. Pretend we're your new girlfriend, clearly you dumped your old one so stop talking about how much you miss her.

Make your application worth reading. This guild is worth your time, make sure we know you're worth ours.

We expect all of our members to show respect to other players in guild and outside of the guild. Furthermore, respect our leadership, they don't get paid to do this, they do it for fun. The more work you make for us, the less we're going to like you.

We expect you to optimize your spec, gear, and consumables for the highest possible output. This should be a given. Read Elitistjerks, MMO-Champ, WOW Forums, and utilize Spreadsheets. If someone comes to you and suggests a change, I suggest you take the time to consider it.

Guild Requirements for Raiders
Average item level: 348+ (Gear from heroics and a combination of epics)
Cataclysm faction helm enchant
Therazane Exalted shoulder enchants
Blue quality gems for your raiding class and spec
Relevant enchants for your raiding class and spec
Knowledge of your class to maximize both DPS and/or healing
Ability to be present for all raid times
Amazing awareness of surroundings

Hopefully this will help you in better understanding NQG and some of the choices that are made by the leadership. If you have any questions always feel free to grab one of us and we will be glad to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have. If you don't tell us you have a problem or concern we can't help you fix it. Please help us make this your World of Warcraft home.

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